In the year 2020, the human world was taken aback by the appearance of a deadly virus which took the lives of many innocent people and sent a large number of them into lockdown. Consequently, traveling in and out of countries came to a halt. Almost all countries set up strict rules and regulations concerning people entering or leaving their countries.

At first, governments sealed the borders of their countries. Later, when the pharmaceutical companies produced different types of corona vaccines, the strict rules were replaced by less stringent ones.

If you wanted to apply for Iran Visa, just like many other countries, you should have sent the results of two PCR tests along with other necessary documents for visa application. Then, sending documents concerning corona vaccination became obligatory. And, sometimes, in case of suspicious cases, you were subjected to quarantine.

Bu these rules are no more in effect. Now, travelers wishing to enter and explore Iran should comply with less strict rules.

 Iran Tourist Visa after Covid-19: the latest rules and regulation (2022)

The good news is that Iran is open now to tourists; however, on certain conditions. To be eligible to apply for Iran Tourist Visa, all tourists 12 years old or older should:

  1. have received your two doses of the vaccines (You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after you receive the final required dose of any COVID‑19 vaccine.) OR,
  2. have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result (your test would be valid if it is not taken more than 72 hours before your departure to Iran.).

Attention: you just need to fulfill only one of the conditions mentioned above (take two jabs or a Covid-19 PCR Test), NOT BOTH OF THEM.

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