Are you an adventurer in the culinary field? Are you hungry for a new delicious taste? Are you thirsty for an exciting expedition to the world of traditional Iranian dishes? Well, whatever your case may be, Iran’s culinary culture is so rich and the number of traditional Iranian dishes so vast that none of your demands will remain unsatisfied.Now let’s find out what Are the best Iranian foods?

To give you a clue, I am going to introduce you five traditional Persian foods which are easily found on the menu of most restaurants. So, let’s start without further ado:

  • Ghormeh Sabzi

    Our number one hit is called Ghormeh Sabzi, or Persian herb stew, whose taste you will never ever forget after trying it. It is a mixture of meat, beans and herbs such as parsley, cilantro, chive and fenugreek, with a touch of Persian dried limes. Don’t forget that you should serve this juicy stew with white rice, or as Iranians call it, Chelo. I can say that Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the Persian food that you should absolutely try.

  • Tah-Chin

    Tah-Chin is a wonderful dish the like of which you will find nowhere on earth. Hilariously known as Persian saffron cake, Tah-Chin includes yogurt, saffron, rice and eggs. However, there are also more elaborate forms of Tah-Chin, enfolding chicken fillets, eggplants, red meat or fish. In the restaurants, Tah-Chin with chicken fillets or red meat are the most common. Whatever you do during your trip to Iran, DO NOT MISS TAH-CHIN.

  • Dolmeh

    Dolmeh, referring to a range of stuffed vegetable dishes, is a type of food popular not only with the Persians but also with the Armenians, Turks, Arabs and Indians. Its different types include: Eggplant Dolmeh, Kotab Dolmeh (stuffed pastry), Dolmeh Beh (Stuffed Quince), and the most famous one in Iran, Dolmeh Barg or stuffed grape leaves. The famous Dolmeh Barge is made by stuffing grape leaves with a mixture whose ingredients are: rice, ground meat, onion, saffron, pepper and parsley. This combination might sound a bit off but trust me, not trying it will be a sorry event.

  • Kuku Sabzi

    Just take a small bite of crunchy Kuku Sabzi (or Persian Fritattas) and you won’t stop eating all the pieces put before you. Nevertheless, the delicious Kuku Sabzi has such a simple recipe that you can try making it yourself: beat eggs until fluffy and light. Add onion, flour, and minced vegetables (fresh coriander or parsley, chives, green onion tops, romaine leaves and dill) and season them with spices such as pepper, salt and saffron. Then, fry the mixture in a pan until well-browned and the top well-puffed. Now, your delicious Persian frittatas is ready to be served.

  • Eshkeneh

    Eshkeneh is a traditional Persian soup, popular almost all over Iran. It is rich in nutrients and prepared fast by mixing fried onions, tomato and pomegranate pastries, eggs, walnut, water and spices. Boiled well after fifteen minutes, it is served as a really delicious appetizer, dinner or a light lunch.

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