How to choose the best Iran travel insurance

 In 2011, Iranian officials made it mandatory for all international visitors, tourists, businessmen, pilgrims and patients all alike, to have their Iran travel Insurance before entering the country. So, if you wish to visit Iran, obtaining Iran Travel Insurance is one of the most important items on your agenda. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have the printout of your insurance certificate at hand, you wouldn’t be able to collect your visa from the visa office at the airport or the embassy.
So, if you wish to travel to Iran without any hassle and want to buy your insurance with ease, read our article to learn the different ways through which you would be able to buy your Iran Travel Insurance.

 Three different ways to buy your Iran Travel Insurance


 Actually, there are three options to buy your travel insurance for traveling to Iran:

  1. Purchase it from a provider in Iran,
  2. Purchase it from a provider in your own country,
  3. Purchase it at one of the Iranian International airports.
    Now, let’s compare each of these methods to find out about their advantages and disadvantages.

 Purchase Your Iran Travel Insurance from a provider in Iran Iran-travel-Insurance-companies

 Well, if you opt for buying your International insurance from a local provider in Iran, you have chosen a cheap and easy option. However, you should note the coverage amounts are usually less than most providers not located in Iran.

 As a third-party provider working with internationally acclaimed assists, such as Swiss Assist and SOS, IranRoute can provide you with the best and cheapest travel insurance plans available on the market, even cheaper than in your own country. Some of our plans are given below:

Plan Note Coverage International Assist
Schengen   €10,000 SOS
Schengen   €30,000 SOS
Gold Schengen   €50,000 SOS
Schengen   €30,000 Swiss Assist
Worldwide Except the US, Canada & Japan €10,000 Swiss Assist
Worldwide Except the US, Canada & Japan €30,000 Swiss Assist
Gold Schengen   €60,000 Swiss Assist
Gold Schengen   €50,000 Swiss Assist
Worldwide   €50,000 Swiss Assist
Gold Schengen Covering Corona-related health issues €50,000 Swiss Assist

 Being assured of our assists and prices, now can buy your intended plan from the comfort of your home via IranRoute Insurance Service.

Note: Please remember that if you buy your insurance from us, you can use it for travelling to other parts of the world if it is still and not expired.

 If you still have questions concerning your Iran Travel Insurance, do not hesitate to contact IranRoute customer team.

Purchase Your Iran Travel Insurance from a provider in your own country

Iran -travel-Insurance-countries-iranroute

 You, as a traveler, may have your own insurance provider, maybe a reputable insurance provider from your country with which you have worked for several years or an internationally recognized insurance firm.

However, a number of insurance companies do not provide coverage for travel to Iran, mainly because of the current sanctions against Iran. So, before buying your Travel Insurance from your preferred provider, make sure that Iran is included on the list of countries mentioned in the policy.

Moreover, if you have bought your travel insurance and Iran is mentioned on the insurance policy, you may still run into problems when you go to collect your visa. One of the main reasons for this misfortune is that sometimes international insurance providers are not recognized by Iranian officials if they do not have offices in Iran. Once more, this problem is caused by sanctions: not being able to work with international companies because of, for example, obstacles in transferring money, Iranian officials would not accept insurances issued by foreign firms. And remember that if your insurance is rejected, you have to pay again and buy a new policy at the airport.

 Purchase your Iran Travel Insurance at one of the Iranian International airports

Iran -travel-Insurance-airport-iranroute

 The last option for you to get your Iran Travel Insurance is to purchase your travel insurance upon arrival at one of the International Airports in Iran. This policy costs around €15 and lasts for 30 days.
Never the less, buying this insurance, there are a number of points to keep in your mind:

  1. your policy would be entirely in Farsi. Therefore, you will probably not know what your insurance covers and who to contact in case you need to make a claim.
  2. in addition, your visa processing time may be extended up to one hour, preventing you from an smooth entry into Iran.
    However, one of the most important advantages of this method is that it is always available and if you didn’t manage to buy your insurance before your trip to Iran, you can still get it at the last minute and come into Iran to enjoy the beauties of this ancient land.



How to buy the best Iran travel insurance?

You have three choices to buy your Iran Travel Insurance:

  • Purchase it from Travel Insurance for Iran in 3 simple steps,
  • Purchase it from a provider in your own country,
  • Purchase it at one of the Iranian International airports,

Which international acclaimed assists cover Iran travel insurance?

Internationally acclaimed assists, Swiss Assist, SOS, Mideast Assistant International, REMED and Reise Schutz, have their representatives in Iran and provide Iran Travel Insurance through their agents in this country.

What benefits does Iran travel insurance include?

Mainly, the benefits included in different types if Iran Travel Insurances include:

  • Medical transfer,
  • Imbursement of treatment expenses up to 10,000 euros,
  • In the event of any medical emergency, the insurance provider is responsible to provide the insured with the necessary information to cope with their situation,
  • Repatriation of the corpse
  • Repatriation of accompanied minors
  • Juridical Comradeship
  • Loss of document
  • Undertaking the attendant’s travel to Iran from their country of origin in an emergency.

What services does Iran travel insurance cover?

Generally speaking, different plans and policies of travel insurance provided in Iran cover the services mentioned below:

1. Payment of medical, surgical and poisoning treatment costs,

2. Transference and admission to the nearest hospital in Iran,

 3. Repatriation of minors to their respective countries in the event of insured’s hospitalization or death.

What documents do I need to buy Iran travel insurance? 

To be able to issue your insurance, we need:

  1. A scanned copy of your passport,
  2. Iran Visa online track code if you are not a citizen of the free countries which can travel to Iran without a visa ( According to new regulation of the government, the track code is one of the requirements),
  3. Your personal information including your:

Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Place of Birth, Original Nationality, Current Nationality, Passport Number, Email, Mobile Phone, Country, City, Address, Purpose of Visit, Duration of Stay, Arrival Date, Exit Date.

Or you can just simply fill in the form on IranRoute website and apply for your Travel Insurance of Iran

How much is Iran travel insurance fee?

IranRoute’s prices begin from 10 euros. However, depending on your age and the number of days covered by the insurance, prices change and would be higher than the initial €10.

Does Iran travel insurance cover any other countries?

Yes, for sure. Depending on the type of your Iran Travel Insurance and also the period it remains valid, you can use it in any other country except those excluded in the policy of your insurance.


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