An Instagram video by British Singer Joss Stone has gone viral these days. Joss, wearing a scarf to cover a part of her hair, explains how she and her team were rejected entrance to Iran on their last stop of her world tour.

But, why was she rejected?

Joss Stone has started her mission to bring loveliness in the form of music to every single country on our planet. So she decided to have concerts in different countries of the world. On her way, she went to Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and etc. As her last destination, she chose Iran to complete her total tour around the world. She and her team decided to enter Iran from Kish Island as British citizens, but little they knew they will get deported instead.

As she claims in her Instagram post, Mohamad, their translator, “who clearly had a lovely soul conveyed the message that they hoped we would go to embassy to sort it all out and come back”. So this means she missed the required documents to enter Iran.

As we know, all foreign visitors, except those from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somali, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States and Yemen, can enter and stay on Kish Island for 14 days or less without obtaining any visa.

So to have your visa issued as a British citizen, you need to apply for Iran visa via Iran’s embassies/consulates. Visitors from the United States and Canada can apply for their visa via Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Washington, DC. Visitors from the United Kingdom can get their visa by referring to the embassy of Iran in London.

Prior to visiting the embassy, you need a visa authorization code which you can get via relatives, host parties for business in Iran, or via official travel agencies (such as IranRoute where you can get your code online) in Iran or related to Iran in their country.

Joss Stone mentions in her caption that:” We were the ones that should have been apologizing for not having our correct paper work”. Anyhow, we are sorry that a guest to Iran was rejected entrance due to paper work, but we definitely invite her back to Iran once she collects all the required documents.

Do you want to know what should Joss do to enter Iran and what is the process of getting visa for her as a British citizen? Find out on the second part of this article.

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