“Last year my wife Sophia and me, went to a place, everybody said, is full of danger, and terror, IRAN. We had to see for ourselves. But not only for the two of us, but for somebody on the way…”

Sebastian Lindafilmmaker

Sebastian Linda is a filmmaker who had won the Web Video Award of 2014, 2915, 2016 and 2017. He is the only one to win the award four times in a row.

He has released his new film named “Mio Iran”. In this film he hasn’t used any action-packed skateboard or parkour scenes but the film is still pretty much attractive because of its representation of humanity.

He shows the  local people, their crafts, their hobbies, the cultural and scenic attractions of the country – everything is packed together in a normal, fresh and original way.

But who is Mio?

Mio is his son who the film is dedicated to.

“So I hope, now that Mio has already traveled to the End of the World, he knows that people full of love are waiting for him everywhere” Linda says.

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