UK Citizens’ Trip to Iran and Expansion of Iran-Britain Relationship in Tourism Industry

Meeting the Ambassador of United Kingdom in Tehran, the Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran said:

“As the number of United Kingdom’s tourists entering Iran is increasing, it is crucially important to show the real image of Iran to UK citizens and British Media can play an important role in realizing this goal. The safety of British tourists in Iran, and also the stability and beauty of this country is undeniable.”

Expanding Relationships in Visa Issuing and Cultural Affiliation

Both parties agreed in making the process of issuing visa for UK tourists easier and faster. The Ambassador of United Kingdom noted that Iran andUnited Kingdom’s bilateral relationship has increased since two years ago. He also expressed Britain’s eagerness to expand its in all fields.

Furthermore, he expressed United Kingdom’s interest in international Polo festivals held in Iran and requested to participate in these events. Also, he stated the United Kingdom’s interest in increasing collaborations with Iran in new areas. In this regard, he mentioned Iran’s success in having shared programs with museums of other countries and declared Britain’s readiness to cooperate with Iran in this field, since achieving this goal will ease the collaboration in other fields.

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