Half of the World is in Your Dish in Isfahan Top Restaurants

Good food = good mood. This is the most popular and universally consented equation ever! Seriously, every meal of a working day seems like a rewarding stop along a five/six-hour long marathon during a work day. Now this also applies while traveling. Food is one of the most important components of each culture and is as important in understanding it as the historical landmarks and attractions of the new destination.

Iranian dishes have meat or animal products as their base. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t eat vegetarian food. Here you can also find out about the best restaurants in isfahan and  places where you can have a vegetarian meal in Isfahan.

What Are the Top Restaurants in Isfahan?

Here we have listed some of the best restaurants in Isfahan, offering the best traditional dishes in the Isfahan city. You will find names of restaurants with international dishes, as well. We have listed their names so that you know where to visit if you want to eat a food that tastes a little more like home.

1. Shahrzad Restaurant

Looking for an Iranian environment offering the best tastes of the Iranian culture? Then Shahrzad Restaurant is one of the best restaurant, that should be on top of your list. After the main course, you can eat Isfahan’s most delicious desert called Khoresh Mast.

2. Abbasi Hotel Restaurant

The restaurant of Isfahan’s most luxurious hotel scores high levels in terms of food quality and environment. Except for Ash-e Reshte and other traditional dishes, visitors can also have fast-food and enjoy the restaurant’s café.

3. Toranj Restaurant

The historical house which has been turned into a restaurant belonged to an Armenian family. You can have a glance at the family’s tokens, enjoy a cup of coffee or choose from their interestingly diverse dishes and listen to live traditional music, which will give you an unforgettable experience.

4. Malek Soltan Jarchi Bashi Restaurant

Iranian dishes make the most sense when they are tried in a purely Iranian setting. At Jarchi Bashi Restaurant you can eat the best meals in a most beautifully renovated area.

5. Sofreh Khane Sonnati

The most traditional Iranian restaurants are called Sofreh Khane. At a sofreh khane instead of sitting at normal dining tables and chairs, people sit on square shaped raised platforms where they can stretch their legs and sit comfortably. At this restaurant you will have the closest experience to the eating etiquette of Iranians.

6. Aazam Beryani

Ever wondered what’s the Isfahan famous food? Wonder no more! Beryani is the heart and soul of cuisine in Isfahan. Aazam Beryani is famous for the delicious Beryani in the city. The restaurant has many branches, but the central branch is located at Masjed Seyyed street.

7. Azadegan Teahouse (Chah Haj Mirza)

Go ahead! the place which looks like an exotic antique shop is in fact one of the oldest teahouses in Iran, reportedly dating back to the Safavid period (400 years ago). While many old mansions have been restored to accommodate a friendly environment for guests, the Azadegan Café has been kept alive by the accumulated remnants of the past. The café restaurant’s walls are thoroughly covered with old and antique objects. Besides providing the ability for visitors to take a look at the past, the teahouse also offers some of the most delicious Iranian dishes after which you can have a cup of tea and relax in its cozy environment. Once in the teahouse, try its popular doogh (an Iranian salty and sour yogurt drink) and gushfil (a kind of sweet).

8. Ghasr Monshi Restaurant

The former lodging of an eminent royal family has been renovated as a hotel. You can enjoy your meal at the beautifully decorated restaurant of the hotel and hear live traditional music.

9. Keryas Restaurant

If dining at a luxurious restaurant with a beautiful view of the city sounds right for you, then you can try Keryas restaurant. Just bear in mind that this is not a traditional restaurant; neither in terms of its appearance, nor its menu.

10. Nikan Restaurant

The menu at Nikan restaurant includes a wide range of dishes. Travelers who wish to keep up with the modern side of the city and try international dishes cooked in Iranian kitchens, shouldn’t miss Nikan.

11. Hermes Café and Restaurant

Walking in the New Julfa neighborhood of Isfahan, you may come across a British looking cozy restaurant. If you wonder what kind of food is served there you’d better go inside as Hermes Café Restaurant offers different kinds of delicious dishes, cakes and coffee. Just remember that the restaurant doesn’t serve Iranian traditional food.

12. Arabo Sandwich

If you like to grab a sandwich and go on touring instead of sitting at a place, then Arabo Sandwich is right around the corner, near Vank Cathedral. Don’t underestimate the shop by its small size as it is the ultimate sandwich hub of many Isfahanians.

Can I find vegetarian food in Isfahan?

Of course! although it’ll be hard to find a restaurant in Isfahan with a vegetarian-only menu. There are many traditional dishes based on vegetables such as mirza ghasemi, falafel, ash reshte (if it doesn’t contain whey sauce), yatimak,etc. Many restaurants offer vegetarian dishes along other kinds of dishes. Vegetarian travelers or those interested in trying vegetarian food can try IranRoute’s Iranian cuisine nights, cook a vegetarian meal and have a pleasant evening.

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