You are in Tehran and you want to dine at the city’s best restaurants and you want to have good food in Tehran. Good news is this spacious country yields a stunning variety of cuisines where you can find a vast spectrum of local and international food from authentic Persian to East Asian and European dishes. You can use our food guide to decide where to get the best food experience in Tehran.


Let’s start with the most expensive food in Iran, Caviar, known as the black gold of the Caspian Sea. Persian caviar has enjoyed reputation for its taste around the world for centuries. As the world’s biggest exporter of Caviar, Iran has had the highest quality of Caviar since ancient times. As the processing of Caviar is a difficult and delicate task, we recommend you to choose the best place to eat this precious food.

Divan restaurant

Divan restaurant offers classic Persian food in an elegant and harmonious setting. This extravagant restaurant serves Caviar in a luxurious and lavish offering. Divan restaurant has been a popular spot since it first opened.


Fayazi Blvd, Sam Center | 8th Floor, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 2265 3853

Classic Persian Food

They say “once in Iran, dine like the Persians do”. Well you might not have heard it but why not? If you are looking for a unique dining experience, check these restaurants serving classic Persian food in Tehran:


Boomi restaurant promises a memorable experience not only with its authentic taste of Persian food but also with its stylish setting. With the traditional and contemporary Persian dishes, you will fall for the Persian food in this restaurant as you can try contemporary Persian dishes as well. In this cozy and stylish setting you can have an inspiring view of Tehran’s skyline and dine in Boomi’s terrace.


4th Floor – Melal Mall, Freshteh St,. Vali Assr Ave, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 2201 1950


Somac offers delicious Persian cuisine in a charming environment. The great view of Chitgar Lake, the fresh local ingredients prepared for a unique cooking and the warm welcome will create an unforgettable memory for you.



Niavaran Square | Villa Turan, North Side, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 2611 6700


Inspired by the original Persian culture, Hestoran’s food and decor awaken a nostalgic feeling as this roof garden longue and its vintage-curated selection of dishes create the feel of an old Iranian house. Serving traditional and contemporary food that suit both meat eaters and vegetarians, Hestoran offers a diverse menu with passion for food decoration boosting its vintage setting.



Second floor – Royal address – Fereshteh – Tehran – IRAN


+98 21 2620 9930


Now if you are a steak lover and you are looking for an authentic taste of meat, head on to the following steakhouses in Tehran:

Ma Mad Steak House

You can dine here if you are a meat lover and keen on trying steak varieties, here you can see all the stages of cooking from the kitchen. This restaurant is distinguished from other steak houses since it prepares the meat without marinating to let you feel its authentic taste. It offers a nice tray of appetizers and salads to boost the variety of flavors.


| A.S.P Residential Towers, Tehran, Iran


+98 21 8862 8298

Kassab Steak House

Kassab is another extravagant steak house offering high quality meat dishes. To ensure quality, Kassab takes care of all the stages of preparation from breeding the animals to the final phase of cutting. It also offers a unique menu of delicious Turkish cuisine prepared by professional Turkish chefs.


Fayazi Street | MH House Bldg, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 71000

Asian food

The Asian food lovers can pick one of the following restaurants in Tehran:


Nakaya restaurant was inspired by Japanese Izakayas, creating the illusion that you are somewhere in Southeast Asia, not in Tehran. It serves a variety of sushi rolls, grilled shrimp, rice and noodle with the aroma of chilies and basil flowing through the air. Nakaya is worth the visit for its excellent quality and its scintillating flavor combinations. The relaxing outdoor and indoor spaces and the dishes featuring a great visual appeal create an enjoyable experience for you.


Andarzgoo Blvd | Sana Shopping Center, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 7443 8333


With branches in Turkey, Cyprus and Macedonia, Sushico restaurant serves fun and affordable Asian menu. Thanks to the keen intuition and foresight of its talented team, colors play an important role throughout the meal; the dishes are artfully plated sitting on the elegant table setting.


First floor, Modern Elahiye, North Africa blvd, Elahieh, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 96616

Vegetarian Food

For vegetarians who are seeking to eat out in Tehran, here are the best restaurants:

Pure Vegetarian Cuisine

Pure Vegetarian Café and restaurant features a stylish setting, fresh ingredients and healthy dishes. Head to this restaurant to eat one of the best vegetarian food in a peaceful atmosphere respecting the nature and human. You can choose going there on Wednesdays when you can also listen to live music.


No 35 , ASP complex , south sheikh bahaie st , Tehran



Ananda Restaurant and Café

Ananda restaurant features a variety of vegan and vegetarian food served in outdoor and indoor spaces. This featured restaurant offers the pleasure of a healthy meal by making the most of the season’s ingredients.


Villa no. 18, South Ekhtiarie, 8th Behestan, Pasadaren St., Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 2255 6767

Italian food

Last but not least, Italian food! Check these restaurants for whatever Italian dish you like to have right here in Tehran.

Kubaba – Tomo

If you are curious about where to enjoy pizza in Tehran, Kubaba – Tomo restaurant is a good choice. It combines Mediterranean flavors with local cuisine, offering a menu of pizza and pasta plus a varied menu of international dishes from Arabic, Turkish to Mediterranean dishes.


Sadaf Blvd | Chitgar Lake – District 22, Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 40 4474 1517

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita café and restaurant offers Italian food in a nice environment. The pizza is made of Italian ingredients imported from Italy and prepared on firewood in Italian ovens.


No.12, Pouladvand St., Ketabi Ave., Tehran 11369, Iran


+98 21 2268 6123

While Tehran is the capital city of Iran and offers the largest variety of restaurants, you can find delicious food in other cities of Iran as well. If you want to learn about the best restaurants of Isfahan check out Best Restaurants You Need to Try in Isfahan.   

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