Travelling to different countries and visiting new places is always an exciting adventure. However, we humans, as fragile and vulnerable creatures, are always exposed to various dangers and so our adventures are wrought with a certain amount of risk. This unavoidable, ever-present amount of risk may work deep down in our unconscious as a source of anxiety, barring us from taking full pleasure out of our adventures.  For this reason, humans have made measures, in the form of symbolic contracts, to reduce their anxiety concerning that amount of risk present in their lives. Travel and health insurance is one of the ways human beings have come up with to reduce their anxiety concerning the above-mentioned iota of risk forming a part of their travels and adventures. Here, we are going to help you to have your Iran Travel Insurance, making your mind peaceful and your entry to Iran easy.

Why is it necessary to buy travel and health insurance for travelling to Iran?

In 2011, it became compulsory for travellers to Iran to buy and have their Travel & Health Insurance before applying for Iran Visa.

Note: If you already possess travel insurance, be sure to have the phrases “IRAN” or “Islamic Republic of IRAN” or any combination of these phrases specifically outlined on your policy.

In addition, simple medical care and medicines are cheap and affordable in Iran. However, if anything of consequence occurs and you need to be hospitalized or undergo surgery, it could turn out to be quite expensive.

How to buy Iran Travel & Health Insurance?

There are two ways to buy Iran Travel & Health Insurance:

  1. If you are going to collect your visa at any of Iran’s international airports, you can buy your Travel & Health Insurance at the insurance counter for approximately 15 euros.
  2. IranRoute insurance service: IranRoute online travel agencyworks with one of the best and oldest insurance companies in Iran, Iran Insurance Company (Bimeh Iran), to provide foreign visitors of Iran with the best services and prices available in the country.

Note: To compare our prices with other companies and agencies, please click here.

Bimeh Iran policy

 A brief description of the articles mentioned in Bimeh Iran policy:

The services covered by Bimeh Iran policy are:

  • Payment of medical, surgical and poisoning treatment costs.
  • Transfer and admission of the insured to the nearest hospital in Ira
  • Repatriation of minors to their respective countries in the event of the insured’s hospitalization or death.

The benefits included in this policy are:

  • Medical transfer
  • Imbursement of treatment expenses up to 10,000 euros
  • In the event of any medical emergency, Bimeh Iran shall provide the insured with the required information.
  • Repatriation of the corpse
  • Repatriation of accompanied minors
  • Juridical Comradeship
  • Loss of document
  • Undertaking the attendant’s travel to Iran from their country of origin in an emergency.

The general exclusions contained in the policy:

  • The services subject of this contract shall be extended only to visitors whose sojourn in Iran lasts less than 92 consecutive days.
  • The insured’s commitments do not cover the medical costs borne, directly or indirectly, by the insured without prior  notification  and  consent  of  Bimeh  Iran  (Subject  of  chapter  IV  of  this contract).

The insured’s commitments include:

  • Application for aid
  • Timely contact with Bimeh Iran

Important Notes

  • Bimeh Iran insurance is valid for six months and will be issued in just one working day.
  • Commencement of insurance coverage coincides with the date of your arrival in the Islamic republic of Iran as indicated in your passport.
  • The cost of cancelling this policy, given the insured is unable to embark on the trip due to his/her failure to secure the required Iranian entry visa, is 2 to 3 euros.

To read the complete policy provided by Iran Insurance “Bimeh Iran”, please click here

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