Short Answer: We can recommend you at least five places. Quick hint: They’re green, different shades of blue and golden and are the best places to do yoga in Iran.

Long Answer: Oh we love long answers! Read the post and let us know what you think.

The experience of spirituality intensifies when supported by the environment you’re surrounded with. Are you looking for a new, exotic and mystic place for doing yoga or cultivating a spiritual bound? We have your new destination: Iran.

Iran is a vast country with so many calm and pleasant resorts spreading from the north to south of the country. You can face your inner self in the beautiful nature of Iran and reunite with your senses. We invite you to experience the relationship of love and care with nature through the observation of the peaceful sea, the endless sky, soothing sand dunes and charming lakes.

If you are a yoga lover and want to have a spiritual experience in Iran, read on and start planning your next holidays in these five retreats.

1. AbarKuh

Located near the adobe city of Yazd, the Abarkuh cypress is the oldest living creature in Iran and one of the five oldest trees in the world. The cypress tree has been the symbol of life and freedom in Iranian culture and it is depicted in myths that Zoroaster, the ancient Iranian prophet, planted this tree. This enigmatic tree has a height of 25 m. and a perimeter of 11.5 m. at its trunk. Having more than 4000 years of age, this eternal evergreen tree is the source of positive energy and inspiration for yogis. Read more

2. Neor Lake

Nested in the Northwestern part of Ardebil, Neor Lake occupies an area of more than 220 acres, in a mountainous district 2500 m. above the sea level. Various species of fish, typically the rainbow trout, swim in what is known as one of the largest freshwater lakes active from the Eocene period. You can meditate here, breathe in the fresh air and listen to the silent voice of nature.  In this wonderful destination, you can practice yoga to experience the tranquility rooted in nature and include other activities such as trekking in the picturesque hills of the Talysh Mountain. The best time to visit this charming lake is in late spring when flowers bloom and birds play around.

3. Maharloo Lake

If you want to devote time to take care of your body and mind, travel to Maharloo Lake, knownas the pink lake and add more joy to your yoga exercises. Situated 1460 m. above sea level, this seasonal salt lake is located in the southeast of Shiraz. As a safe haven for the birds, this lake is specifically home to flamingos. This eye-catching landscape motivates nature lovers to relax and soak in peacefulness. Since this colorful lake turns into a salty land during the hot seasons, the best time to visit this spectacular place is in autumn and early spring, when nature’s generous beauty will touch your soul.

4. Larak Island

One of the less crowded islands on the Persian Gulf is Larak; a pristine, peaceful and small island lying on the Strait of Hormuz. This island is also famous for its aquatic wildlife and coral reef. The crystal water and the silver beaches are a source of inspiration for yogis. You can meditate in this cozy island and let the sunlight penetrate your soul and the sound of breaking waves of the Persian Gulf immerse you more in your journey to mindfulness. You may also soak in the blue water of the Persian Gulf after yoga. The beach gets coated with shining planktons at night, creating an immersing atmosphere for those who like to do yoga on the beach. To escape the sizzling summer temperatures, the best time to enjoy the island is in winter and fall. Read more

5. Khara Desert

If you are looking for a deeper yoga and meditation exercise, travel to the calm deserts in Iran and leave the daily stress behind. We recommend Khara Desert, located in Isfahan Province, in the vicinity of Varzaneh. In this healing retreat, you can absorb the blue sky above, walk barefoot into the heart of the soft sand dunes, delight in the nature, get energized and raise your focus to awareness. A perfect sunrise bestowing the light and warmth of the sunshine to your body is a healing experience exposing you to new aspects of yoga.

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