Getting around metropolitan Tehran can be a headache at times, the city is big and crowded more often than not. Thankfully the city has the means of traveling by metro, you just need to buy a metro card so that you do not need to stand in a long line every time for a ticket.  In addition to this, although you can find the map of the metro installed inside the wagons, you should carry a Tehran Metro map or Tehran Metro app to navigate your way more easily. Here is a map of Tehran’s metro:


  • The metro tends to get pretty crowded in the downtown during the rush hour. Be careful you get on and get off the metro at the right stations.
  • Be Very careful with your belongings: cellphone, camera, wallet, bag, etc. If you’re carrying a bag pack, wear it in front of yourself and make sure you are either carrying your cellphone in your hand is or it is in a zipped pocket.
  • Peddlers and street vendors sell goods on the metro. While their prices are usually lower from those of the shops, they might take advantage of your foreign status and try to overcharge.


  • Sindy says:

    SALAM Amir,
    I am Sindy, from Bangkok Thailand.
    I am going to visit Iran on mid of October so I have been searching for information and I found your BLOG!

    Thank you so much for the useful information!

    • masih says:

      That’s our pleasure Sindy to help you have a wonderful trip to Iran. if you need further information or booking for flights or accommodation we are here to help.

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