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Are you a female traveler? Do you want to come to Iran? Maybe one of the biggest questions occupying your mind is the  Iran dress code .

Should I wrap myself in that bizarre long black thing called Chador? Should I wear a very loose long dress? Should I wear a scarf and not let even one strand of hair show? Oh, what if the Police arrests me for not covering all of my head?! So what should I do in Iran?

These are some common questions by female travelers who decide to start their adventurous trip to Iran. Truth is that Iranian women wear beautiful clothes and they don’t necessarily wear chador and it’s not like they cover all of their head.

There was a fashion fair some weeks ago in Tehran, Iran. I was walking in the isles when I suddenly spotted a Russian stand with very beautiful Iranian clothes on display. I was really amazed and surprised by seeing this stand. The person in charge of the booth was a Russian fashion designer and painter who had come to Iran to show her clothes designed by Iranian motifs.

See the Video below to find out her opinion about Iranian fashion and women’s  dress code:

As she mentioned in her interview, Iranian women also care a lot about fashionable clothes, especially if they’re mixed with national designs.

What to wear as a female traveler in Iran?

My first suggestion is not to panic.  It is not as hard as you may think. According to Iran dress code, no one will arrest you for not covering your entire hair or your arms. When you walk along Iran’s streets you will spot lots of fashionable women that you never imagined you would see in Iran.

As for my second suggestion it’s just enough to follow these rules:

– The Iranian law for dress code requires women to cover their hair. It’s just that! There is no specification as to how much of your hair should be covered; in fact, you will see a lot of women with a part of their hair hanging out of their scarves.

– It is better to wear some manteaux, which is a long, somehow loose shirt.

– If you’re on a summer vacation, maybe you want to put on something cooler, so we recommend you wear a tonic which you can find everywhere. But you should avoid crop tops, shorts or Capri pants.

– Sandals are OK for both men and women in the summer. If women want to add to the aesthetics of their toes with nail polish, that’s OK too.

–  In addition to nail polish, you can also wear make-up or let your died hair show under the scarf.

–  You can wear clothes in any color you like. Remember colorful clothes make your photos more beautiful.

– “Go with whatever that’s loose and hangs meters away from your body!” Oh please don’t do that! Iranians love fashion and they make sure whatever they’re wearing matches the standards of the day in terms of fashion, with the addition of extra cover, that’s all! Wear your skinny jeans and tights along with your sandals or knee boots (if you’re visiting in the winter), make sure your skin is not showing and you’re good to go.

– Cover your body and your hair when you’re in a public place or out of the house. This means you can wear whatever you want indoors, in the comfort of your own private accommodation.

– Please bear in mind that people in some cities are more conservative than in others, for example, while you may feel ok in the clothes you wear in TehranIsfahan or Shiraz, you may feel a little strange wearing the same clothes in KermanYazdKermanshah or Kashan.

– For entering some mosques and shrines women need to wear a veil. Veils are usually provided for tourists at the entrance of the mosques or they can be bought at reasonable prices at the bazaar.

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