Time passes but the heritage remains to tell the story of what has gone. Trace it in the names, look for it in the ruins, explore the twists and turns of the alleys of time for hints of how human beings gave shape to space and created the places where they lived. Now read it aloud and write what you know in your own words and set the story off on the screens of your kins; let everyone know about it. This is the mission of e-travelgram, periodically taking place in different cities of Iran.

After the city of Maku, this time, It is Dezful’s turn which has switched all the hustle and bustle of tourism in Iran its way these days. Dezfulgram is a three day event going on in Dezful right now, focusing on tourism, nature, handicrafts, cuisine, history and cultural traditions of the locals. Experienced travel writers have been invited to take down the story of Dezful and let it be heard through their individual voices.

You can follow the group’s exciting journey and catch up with the story of Dezful on dezful.gram’s page on instagram or visit their Website.

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