Believe it or not, a week’s trip can let you walk over the clouds, take you on a boat-ride in the longest water cave of the world, put you in the warmest place on the planet Earth, help you experience one of the most colorful islands you have ever seen and make you step into the lost paradise on the earth. This is not a journey to a wonderland; rather a trip to a land where dreams can be come true just by one click. This is Iran. If you wish to see this country, we’d like to help you make your wish come true and in case you’re wondering why Iran of all the places, have a look at five of the  natural wonders of Iran .

Ali Sadr Cave –The Largest Water Cave in the World

Have you ever wondered where the largest water cave in the world is? Are you interested in exploring it? Because you can, if you want.  Ali Sadr cave is located about 100 kilometers north of Hamadan, in Ali Sadr Kabudarahang County, is one of the natural wonders of Iran. It is a highly recommended destination for those who like to visit a world-famous marvel.

Ali Sadr cave is a well-lit labyrinth of chambers, ponds and water passageways, stretching for over 11 kilometers with some of its walls extending from 10 to 40 meters high in some parts. The depth of the lake water ranges from one to 16 meters. While the deeper sections of the cave were discovered in the 20th century, the cave was used as a water reservoir by the local people in the past.

The mysterious cave invites you to a boat-ride along its transparent waterways, passing through astonishing stalactites and stalagmites for about 15 minutes.

Then you get off the boat and walk along the central atrium or “The Island”. At the end of the route, you have a short boat trip again that will lead to the exit section where you have to say goodbye to the beauty of the cave.

Jangale Abr – Walking on the Clouds

Do you still have your childhood dream of walking on the clouds? Did you know that it is not a dream anymore? Somewhere near Shahrood in the northeast of Iran, there is a dreamy jungle, close to the central desert of Iran, which is called Jangale Abr,And this is one of the other natural wonders of Iran.. It means a Forest of Cloud, because the forest is often veiled by an ocean of drifting clouds and fog.
Jangale Abr is one of the oldest and most magical Hyrcanian forests in the southern coasts of the Caspian Sea, extending over a mountainous area of 35,000 hectares which rise to an elevation of 4,017 meters, at the peak Shahvar.  Due to the closeness of two high and low pressure regions, namely Gorgan Plains and Abr region, clouds start descending the skirt of Alborz Mountains and surfing into the forest.  Precious plants such as Ursus, Oak, Yew, Ader, and rare animals such as brown bear, wolf, leopard, jackal, eagles, along with abundant drinkable springs make this forest a vivacious tourist destination that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.
If you want to have the best view of the Cloud Forest, schedule your journey for early spring or late summer until the end of autumn. A few hours before the sunset, when the temperature drops, the clouds rush into the jungle and create a splendid scenery. The clouds get so thick that it feels like you are walking on them. Here, you are so close to the clouds that you can feel a sense of freshness and coolness in your breath and raindrops on your face and hair. Waking up above here, especially early in the morning, is rewarded by an amazing view of the clouds stretching over the horizon to meet the sun.  Pictures, anyone?

While you’re here, visiting the beautiful city of Bastam 6 km northeast of Shahrood can be a bonus along your journey. Do not miss the spectacular rainbow spring of Mojen on the hillside of Shahvar Mount (25 km north of Shahrood) either.

Behesht-e Gomshode –A Lost Paradise

What do you do when you think about the heaven? Have you made a mental note that if there is anything called paradise it must be somewhere in the sky, far removed and unreachable? Well, we can’t help much with the heavenly paradise, but if you’d like to just see how it may look, do not look any further as you can find a lost paradise right here, on the earth. Are you ready to know where it is? Do you want to see it? Just go to Fars Province, Kamfirouz county in Marvdasht and you will easily  see on of the  true natural wonders of Iran, as you  find yourself very close to that lost piece of land.

Imagine a valley where plane and walnut trees have cracked the ground and risen over an area hidden among rocks and trees. Here, the unperturbable silence of the nature is broken only by the river flowing into cascades and waterfalls, as well as the variety of animals.

Undoubtedly, Behesht-e Gomshode also known as Tang-e Bostanak is an ultimate destination for curious adventurers, especially in the hot burning summer. The village of Jiderzar is also a tourist attraction where tourists can enjoy the experience of local life.

Kalut Shahdad – The Beauty Nestled in the Fear

If you visit Kerman Province, do not miss the skyscraper city of Kalut Shahdad. Covering an area of more than 11 thousand square kilometers, the Kalut is located about 145 kilometers north-east of Kerman in the west fringe of Lut Desert (southeast of Iran). Moreover, the hottest surface temperature of our planet has been recorded here, in a region called Gandom Beryan.

This beautiful desert city is home to some of the largest yardangs in the world, locally called Kalut. The word Kalut consists of two parts: The Kal means oasis and Lut means a barren land, a desert. These gigantic yardangs have been created as a result of water and wind erosion in a span of over 20 thousand years. The presence of Shur River (salty stream) flowing through the desert has facilitated the erosion process and helped the formation of Kaluts.

Another attraction in the Shahdad Desert is the Salty marsh which stretches over an area of 100 hectares and is filled with imposing egg-like structures. Among other wonders of the desert is the pot like phenomena called Nebkha. They have been formed as the result of accumulation of sand particles at the foot of plants, creating vise-like structures. Some of them are 10 meters high. If you fancy climbing them, just take care not to fall. You can also see other phenomena such as the eroded sandstones which are called Dolphins by the local people.

Kalut Shahdad is a wonderful place for those who want to experience nights of the desert, camping on the sand dunes and watching the many natural beauties under a sky full of stars.

If all these beauties have enthused you enough to travel to this place, add tranquility and calmness of the desert to it and pack your bags right away.

There is also a camp at Shahdad Desert (27 km from Shahdad city) where you can spend the night with other visitors and use facilities such as the restroom, outdoor amphitheater and eco-lodge. Just remember that the best time to visit the region is in the autumn and winter, when the weather is moderate and bearable.

Hormuz Island – The Edible Soil and More

If you want to see the Persian Gulf in a different way, travel to the red beach on Hurmuz Island  . Imagine you are walking along the beach and a wave of red color rushes towards you and covers your feet. This may sound strange, but it is real. This is one of the rarest places on Planet Earth where you can see the red and blue water of the sea align together in such a harmonious way.Hormuz Island is one of the natural wonders  of Iran which is famous for the same red and shiny soil.

Apart from that, the island is also known as the rainbow land for its colorful soil, yes it’s not red alone. The wide-ranging colors of the soil include white, yellow, green, brown, turquoise, red and even gold. In certain occasions, the lovers of art gather together on the red beach to design it with the colorful soil from the rainbow valley. The strange thing about the valley is that its soil is edible. The local people use this soil as a kind of spice to make local dishes such as fish, a kind of local bread called Suragh, as well as jam and etc.

Amazing as it is, the soil of Hormuz Island is not its only attraction. There are many other beautiful natural and geological phenomena on the Island, such as the Salt Dome or the Valley of Statues, along with historical attractions like the Portuguese Fortress in Hormuz.

A trip to Hormuz amounts to an unparalleled experience. It is the most famous off-track destination in Iran. You can reach the island either via Bandar Abbas port by a ferry or from Qeshm town Port. You can visit the island on a full day visit and spend the night in some indigenous houses on the island, which are run by local people.

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