Applying for visa is the first step of the preparations for going to a country, and literally getting ready for any trip. It’s probably the most stressful and confusing step, but once you’re done, you’re done!

Any “5-Minute Guide to Getting Your Iran Tourist Visa” would look like this: Iran issues visas to citizens of all of the countries in the world except citizens of the US, UK and Canada   they can get visa if they’re lucky, i.e. under certain circumstances which are not rigid but also sometimes like piece of cake..

4 Ways for Applying Tourist  Visa for  Iran

Citizens of some countries can get their visa only by visiting the embassy or consulate of Iran in their country and citizens of some countries are eligible for visa on arrival at international airports. Now based on this there are generally 4 ways of getting a visa : Iran’s Embassies and Consulates Around the World, Iran e-visa online website , Visa on Arrival and IranRoute Visa Services.

You might need a Visa Authorization Code, return ticket, a hotel voucher and probably your resume on top of the other visa requirements. Each of these has their own rules and specifications. Your visa is valid for three months but you can’t rely on it and should extent by 30 days. Wait what? And that’s just not it, you can enter Kish Island without a visa and stay there for 14 days. But then again, if you’re citizen of certain countries you can’t!

It took me roughly 5 minutes to write, I assume reading it will take less but it doesn’t help anyone! Because let’s face it, YOU NEED INFORMATION and there’s no way around it. Trusted and useful information can help you get through this step easily and without much worry. That’s why here we have gathered a pdf file, where all the  visa requirements, methods, steps and notes are included. click on the below button to read all you need about visa requirements for Iran .

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you shake all confusions and problems you may encounter for your  visa. Just let us know.

 5 Simple Steps to Complete Iran Visa Application Form

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