A Sad Story About Ukraine Plane Crash


“Look Zhivar! You yourself are charming enough to be an expression of Iran, but tell your friends about Iran’s attractions and nature, its people, its history and its beauties when you go to the university in Canada”

“For sure! I’ve found lots of good friends who are eager to know about and travel to Iran.”

And, sadly, these are the last words one of the members of IranRoute team had with his friend, an intimate friend whose soul traveled to the other world after the tragic Ukraine plane crash in Iran last Wednesday. The unintentionally shot-down Ukrainian plane was heading to Canada from Iran, carrying many young students, professionals, parents and children.

What is Iran Like after the Ukraine Plane Shot Down?

Since the time of Cyrus, approximately 2500 years ago, Iranians have preached human rights and been keen on respecting the essential rights of each human being on earth.

In addition, Iranians have always been known as hospitable, peace-seeking people, in love with their country and history.

All in all, with such historical background, Iranian people are looking for nothing but dialogue and intimate relationship with other people of the world.

Therefore, members of IranRoute team, on behalf of the great nation of Iran, invite all the people from around the world, whatever their religion and race, to continue and even expand their ties with Iran and its people.

Under the current circumstances, that is, after the Ukraine plane crash, Iranian people are in grave need to expand their relationships with other people of the world, introducing them to their peaceful country and its rich civilization and culture.

So, please come and visit Iran! Forget all the dark propaganda about Iran and stand beside us. Join us in Iran to realize together the words of Sa’di, the great Persian poet:

Human Beings are members of a whole
In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain

 _____ Dedicated to the noble soul Maryam (Zhivar) Malek By Ali & Nasir.

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